Bradford man Nazim Ali, will be taking his next fund raising challenge during the half term school holidays, where he will be travelling on a self-funded humanitarian aid trip to poverty stricken Malawi in Southern Africa with Green Crescent Aid UK to distribute various types of aid to the poor people in the remote and rural villages. In March 2019, Cyclone Idai caused widespread destruction in Malawi and neighbouring Mozambique.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world (in some reports it is the third poorest and in others 173rd out of 182 on the Human Development Index) and has a high death rate due to water-borne diseases, HIV/Aids, malnutrition and general poor health. Over 60% of the near 18 million population live under the international poverty line of $1.25 (around £1) a day. It is estimated there is a GP for every 50,000 Malawians.

British charity Green Crescent Aid UK is working in Malawi and has set up various projects that has granted relief to thousands of beneficiaries (Cyclone house repairs, water wells, goats for the poor, footwear and so forth).

The four strong team will be primarily distributing food parcels to poor families. Nizam told Asian Sunday: “We will distribute footwear, sweets to children, goats to poor families, visit hospitals, open water wells and I will undertake football coaching for Malawian youngsters.

“I have Level 1 in football coaching, level 1 in cricket coaching and level 2 in Community Sports Leaders Award. I am a former junior team manager of Girlington-based Fairbank United football club and so I hope to pass on some of my skills which I am sure will help build positive mental health as well as physical well-being”

Nazim wants to raise as much money as he can to support the poor in Malawi and is hoping for generous donators to come forward and donate just £35, which will feed a family of five for one whole month. The food parcels costing £35 weigh a whopping 40KG and will consist of 10kg rice, 10kg maize flour, 5kg beans, 5 litre oil, 2kg salt, 5kg sugar, 3kg ground nuts, 1 traditional cloth for the women & sanitary products

People can donate at Fundraisers have confirmed that all donations will be 100% to the cause.

Nazim said: “As a devout British Muslim I see it as my religious obligation to support those in need irrespective of religious affiliation or ethnicity whether at a local or international level and that’s why I have chosen to get involved with Green Crescent Aid UK, who operate on a 100% donation policy, of whom I have worked with in the past too.”

It’s not the first time Nazim has taken part in fundraising activities, and for his generous efforts he has won many awards.

The 38-year-old has over the last 13 years single handledly raised just under £200,000 for a plethora of charitable causes through running marathons, mountain treks (National 3 Peaks) and 10K runs, including 10K runs for the last six years whilst fasting in Ramadan.

You can view more of his amazing work on his YouTube channel:

Nazim hopes that his Malawi project, which is self-funded (including his flights and accommodation), will also achieve the same success as his previous missions and hopes to keep all updated of his progress on the ground when he reaches Malawi.

He has taken annual leave from his day job as a Careers Practitioner (Careers Adviser) working in three inner city schools to fulfill his humanitarian aid trips, to help the most-needy around the world.

Along with his international fundraising efforts, the Manningham man has been volunteering on a regular basis for the last six years with the Curry Circle Project in Bradford, which serves warm food to the homeless and destitute in the Bradford District.

Nazim believes that he can only do what he does with the generous donations of the public.

“No donation is too big, and no donation is too small – it all counts.” He says