When Channel 4 announced their new series, ‘Stand Up and Deliver’, potentially the last person that people expected to see taking on a comedy role was Baroness Sayeeda Warsi. Baroness Warsi is well-known for her hard-hitting politics but how will the comedy chops of the House of Lords member fair on this new show that invites celebrities to give comedy a go in the name of Stand Up to Cancer?

Each of the celebrities on the show will be mentored by a different stand-up comedian, as they try to deliver a top-notch stand-up routine and win the title of Best Celebrity Stand-Up.

Ironically, the task of coaching the Baroness has fallen upon the shoulders of famously left-wing comedian Nick Helm, who stated he thought he would be the last person that would be paired with the former co-chairman for the Conservative Party. However, it seems that Baroness Warsi will not be shying away from jabs at her old political colleagues and we may even see some light-hearted pokes and prods at the Prime Minister from the Baroness.

Other contestants on the show will include Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder, who will be coached by Jason Manford, Reverend Richard Coles, who will be supported by David Baddiel, Love Island star Curtis Pritchard, who is teaming up with Judi Love, and finally Katie McGlynn who will receive the advice of Zoe Lyons.

The first episode of ‘Stand Up and Deliver’ will debut on Channel 4 at 9pm on Thursday 25 February. The programme has been produced in associating with Stand Up to Cancer.