By Ninder Kaur


As part of Punch Records annual and most innovative festival, BASS 15 brings you Desi Dikhana bilbpresenting the classic 2002 film BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM. Celebrating the contribution of British art and film, Desi Dikhana will be showcasing the all time favourite British Asian film; Bend It Like Beckham. A movie that defines the era of girl power, young love and humour portraying the British-Asian community. The British Asian feel good movie has gone on to become a world-wide hit and is now touring in the West End.

The details of the festival are as followed:
WHERE:           mac, Birmingham
WHEN:             Sunday, 25 October 2015, 5pm onwards
TICKETS:          FREE,

In partnership with UK Premier PR and Marketing, BASS 15 will be unveiling a special edition Q&A prior to the feature film. The Q&A will be a unique chance to hear from a highly acclaimed panel.

BASS 15 celebrates its tenth anniversary with ten special events taking place in Birmingham and beyond. Now taking place for the first time in October, this year’s theme ICONS pays homage to Black and Asian music and art legends, past and present and will bring you unforgettable music experiences featuring specially commissioned new work.
FREE tickets are now available which includes access to the Q&A and feature film.