By Ninder Kaur

bike ride

Countryside officers at Bradford Council are appealing to mountain bikers who use Ilkley Moor to ride responsibly to avoid accidents with other users after a report of a recent collision between a mountain biker and a runner.

The Council is keen to re-iterate its “share with care” approach to multi-use areas such as Ilkley Moor and as part of this it allows cyclists to use the moor under the terms of a protocol which was developed some years ago.

This was agreed with mountain biking representatives and other interest groups including walkers, runners and horse riders.
Bradford Council’s Countryside and Rights of Way Manager, Danny Jackson said: ”We allowed mountain biking on the moor under the terms of the protocol because we felt that it could accommodate this along with other
uses, without conflict or damage.
“This has proven to be generally the case but it is important, particularly for cycle riders, to observe the codes of conduct we set out and agreed and to anticipate the presence of other users around corners or on blind spots.”

Bradford Council Deputy Leader Coun Val Slater said: “We are keen for as many people as possible enjoy our beautiful outdoor spaces to the full.
“We don’t want to change the policy allowing mountain biking on Ilkley Moor but for the permission to continue riders must behave responsibly and take care.”

Tim Sellors, who helped develop the protocol as a mountain biking representative, also urged bikers to ride with care.
He said: “We worked hard to get a workable agreement, but in order to keep it in place we must make sure that accidents don’t happen and everyone can use the area in safety”.