Bolton born boxer Amir Khan, is known for his love for expensive cars. The boxer who proudly spent over £100k for his daughter Lamaisah’s second birthday, is certainly not short of a bob or two and so when it comes to his personal pleasures, money is of no issue.

Enkahnz Amir car 6That’s exactly the reason the former welterweight champion chose Bradford’s king of customisation, Enkahnz to have his pride and joy, his Range Rover Vogue customised.

With a tight deadline, to have the car ready within a week for Eid the team at Enkahnz had to work around the clock to get the popular sportsman’s car up to spec.

Amir didn’t want a loud look for his white Range Rover.  His brief was simple. He wanted his vehicle to have a unique yet subtle look, which would be individually styled to his personality.

Director of EnKahnz, Naveed Khan said:

“It was a big project to complete in a very short period of time as Eid is one of our busiest times, with many other clients Enkahnz Amir car 7getting their vehicles customised.  Amir has been a very loyal and old customer of EnKahnz for many years. He has a passion for cars and enjoys customising them to his individual taste. So the entire Enkahnz team came together and completed the project within the timescale. The changes were subtle and exactly as Amir wanted.”

The vehicle was fitted with a Barugzai styling pack, which included gleaming new 22-inch alloy wheels, bumpers, an exhaust and spoilers.

The famous sportsman collected his vehicle as demanded on the eve of Eid, (6 July) and was absolutely amazed with the end result. He was so pleased he shared the final masterpiece on social media.

enkahnz Amir 5On collection of his vehicle a proud and pleased Amir Khan said “Amazing! I love it man. The plate goes well with it, beautiful.

“It’s slick, very subtle, but really nice, just how I wanted it”

Enkahnz, specialises in vehicle customisation and accident repair work. They have customised many cars for famous celebrities and leaders from the business and political world.

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