Vigil and prayers being held today in Centenary Square Bradford for Somaiya Begum. Image: RF Publishing.

The search for a Bradford resident and Leeds Beckett University student ended in tragedy on 8 July, when West Yorkshire Police officially confirmed the body of a missing female to be that of Somaiya Begum.

Following the disappearance and tragic death of 20-year-old Somaiya Begum, residents of Bradford are paying tribute with a peaceful vigil and prayers ceremony, which is being held at Centenary Square on Friday 15 July from 6 pm till 7 pm.

Miss Begum’s body was found on the evening of 6 July at 19.35 pm, on Fitzwilliam Street surrounded by industrial units in the derelict area of Broomfields in Bradford, just outside the city centre.

She was reported missing on 26 June, 24 hours after she was last seen at around 2 pm at her home on Binnie Street in the Barkerend area.

Somaiya’s neighbours expressed their concerns when Police found a body which at the time was yet to be confirmed to be hers:

“Everybody was hoping that she would be found, but she had not gotten into contact with anyone and now they have found a body, it’s quite devastating,” says Iram Hussain a resident of Binnie Street who described Somaiya Begum as a “Reserved girl, who kept herself to herself”.

A student of biomedical science at Leeds Beckett University, Somaiya’s uncle 52-year-old Mohammed Taroos Khan, of Thornbury Road, has been charged.

Appearing at Bradford Crown Court on Tuesday 13 July he was charged with the murder and will remain remanded in custody till 20 February in the following year, when he is set to stand trial.

The court heard Somaiya was Mr Khan’s niece and that four others who were spoken to by police were released under investigation.

The city’s Recorder, Judge Richard Mansell QC, told Mr Khan he will appear for a further plea, trial and preparation hearing on September 19 this year.

A huge shock to the Bradford community, residents will gather in Centenary Square to pay their respects and mourn the tragic death of the bio-med student.