A massive reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfill has been achieved by Bradford Council in the last four years.

Figures published this week show a reduction of 70 per cent from nearly 150,000 tonnes to just 45,000 tonnes since 2010/2011.

In parallel there has also been a significant increase in the amount of waste recycled.  The report to the Council’s Environment and Waste Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee also shows that the efficiency of bin collection crews has increased by 300 bins per crew, per day over the same period.

Councillor Andrew Thornton, Executive Member for Environment, Sport and Sustainability, said: “These figures show that we are making significant progress in our bid to minimise the amount of waste the district sends to landfill and to boost recycling.

“We recently introduced fortnightly kerbside recycling collections and although it is still early days, indications are that this has improved the amount of glass, plastic and cans recycled by 20 per cent.”

“This is good news for the environment and good news for the Council Tax payer but we need to keep going – throwing away less, increasing reuse and recycling more.”