The UK’s first December general election since 6 December 1923, almost a century ago, is forecasted to take place in cold and wet conditions on Thursday.

While it is not expected that the seasonal weather will affect turnout Bradford Council have put measures in place to ensure that if the weather does take a more extreme turn, a contingency plan is in place.

The Council has been busy putting plans in place to prepare all 240 of its polling stations to be ready to open to ensure the democratic process goes ahead as scheduled.

If temperatures drop, gritting vehicles will be on standby. Sandbags will also be distributed if there is a risk of flooding.

Alternative polling station sites have also been identified if, for any reason, any of the current sites cannot be used.

Other measures being taken include:
Additional lighting for the shorter daylight hours
Back-up heaters for polling stations
Non-slip mats in every polling station
Mops, buckets and paper towels supplied to mobile polling stations

Susan Saunders, Electoral Services Manager at Bradford Council, said: “Colleagues from other departments across the Council have pulled out all the stops to help. Hopefully, this contingency plan is just a precaution and the polling stations will operate as normal. But, having this plan means that we are ready if there is bad weather.”