Three men who have been on after a man died as a result of being hit by a car and allegedly assaulted have been found guilty by a jury on Wednesday at Bradford Crown Court.

Mohammed Nisar Khan, also known as ‘Meggy’, and Tony Grant known as ‘Granty’ have been found guilty with the murder of Amriz Iqbal in Sandford Road and have also been found guilty of another conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

The verdict relates to an incident that took place on Wednesday, October 3, where two men were hit by a car and then assaulted. One of the men, Amriz Iqbal,’also known as ‘Major’ 40, of Wetherby, died following the attack, and the other, Adnan Ahmed suffered minor injuries.

The other man who was also on trial – Salman Ismail has also been found guilty of conspiring with others to pervert the course of justice, of arson.

Judge Durham Hall will proceed with sentencing after 12 noon on today.