By Ninder Kaur

Drag queen Asifa Lahore has become Britain’s first Muslim drag queen to grace the cover in a solo shoo for THEGAYUK. Asifa, recently starred in the Channel 4 documentary, Muslim Drag

Asifa Lahore stars on the cover of the magazine
Asifa Lahore stars on the cover of the magazine

Queens, and has show to fame ever since.

In the magazine you can find a candid interview of the struggles and prejudices facing the gay/Asian community in the UK but also about the power Asifa has, as a drag queen to bring about change.

Dressed in nothing but a white sheet, Asifa talked at length about the many death threats he received during the broadcast of the documentary and how, dressed as a woman, Muslim men treated her with incredible respect – but as an out gay man suffers terrible homophobia.

Asifa also talked about how some parts of the gay community are on the edge of lapsing into apathy when it comes to LGBT rights and how drag is here to shake that up.