A number of volunteers from the community organisation, Kumon Yall, gathered in Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury yesterday to plant bulbs and grow plants for the Spring.

The project took place in Dewsbury Country park, where organisations across the district teamed up to plant 1400 bulbs in order to make the area look appealing in time for Spring.

SKT Welfare, Take Ten Mental Health & Support Group, Salafi Centre, Islam Dewsbury, West Yorkshire Fire and Police Service along with members of Kirklees Council, all collectively took part in the initiative yesterday morning.

Kumon Yall is a community organisation for young people, who come together once a week and discuss new ideas to give back to the community.

The area is usually known for its littering and rubbish, so the aim of this campaign was to create a warm and clean atmosphere, where the flowers will grow in time for the new season and people can visit.

The charity is highly involved in creating opportunities for the area to develop and they work together with other groups to make it a better place to live for all irrespective of colour, race, gender.

Prior to yesterday, after doing research on the poverty areas in Yorkshire, the group visited St George’s Crypt in Leeds, where they witnessed first-hand the high level of homelessness in the area.

On New Year’s Eve, 12 volunteers went back and handed out 94 hot meals, which included chicken curry and rice, tea, coffee as well as providing gloves and hats to the homeless people in the Crypt.

In order to provide the hot meals, they received donations from individuals and businesses, and engaged in conversation with each person they supported.

Mulana Farook Yunus, project manager of Kumon Yall, told the Asian Sunday: “We saw an 18-year-old on the streets, that look 15.  She explained that she had been in foster care all her life and now just finds any corner to sleep in. It hit me really hard and just shows that people of all ages can find themselves in any sad situation.

“Another old lady, who was in her mid 50s, has just become homeless and revealed that she sleeps in a child sleeping bag that only covers her until her chest. So we went the next day and provided her with warm clothing, i.e. fleece jacket, gloves, jumpers etc.

“It’s very good with the young people doing this project. It was really busy and we got a good response from the community and the homeless people were very happy just to have a conversation with us.”

The volunteers consisted of ages from 14-18 year olds, and took part due to their involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Working on general health is also a major aspect of Kumon Y’all. Free health checks in the mosque enabled people to have the confidence to attend a routine check-up. Without this many people could have suffered from illnesses not before noticed.

Many awareness sessions have taken place to help educate the people to understand the procedures in case of an emergency. Everything from heart attacks to diabetes. Over 40’s fitness sessions are also run for those who wish to attend.