Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF) celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this year and is appealing for urgent help during the holy month of Ramadan.

Donations will support the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit (LCHU) at Leeds General Infirmary with essential medical equipment, parent accommodation and ward facilities.

Three year old Esa Khan is from Bradford, and has cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle.

Esa completely stopped eating or drinking after months of illness. He complained of pain in his body and chest and was rushed to LCHU when local doctors diagnosed his illness.

He has been treated both on the ward and in intensive care for the past nine weeks and is now facing a heart transplant.

Donations ensure families can stay close to their poorly children during treatment. Esa’s mother said:

“We have been given accommodation to stay in, which is close to Esa’s ward. That’s been a big help since we live in Bradford.”

“I was given room on the first floor, and we have a double room so my husband can also stay with me.”

“Esa has been in the High Dependency Unit (HDU) and monitored constantly which is reassuring.”

On top of essential medical equipment and family accommodation, donations provide ward facilities, extra staff, toys and games to make time spent in hospital more bearable.

“Esa has been given a lot of love from all staff (especially the Play Specialists) and there are so many facilities to help his stay comfortable and easier.”

“He has been given so many toys to play with and loves to look at the fishes and play on the interactive TV.”

“It’s not easy for a 3-year-old to stay this long in hospital, but all this support has really helped him stay settled.”

Hanif Malik is a CHSF Trustee and the co-founder of the Give A Gift initiative (a scheme which encourages members of the Asian community to become more involved with local mainstream causes). Hanif said:

“Ramadan is partly a period of reflection for those less fortunate than us and Children’s Heart Surgery Fund are a crucial and life-giving support for poorly children from the Muslim community.”

“Our Islamic principles encourage us to support such worthy causes so please donate generously to give them the best chance at a full and happy life.”

With public support, CHSF can continue to provide equipment, accommodation and facilities to help improve the lives of other patients within the community.

Donations can help save lives right now, and keep the LCHU at the forefront of cardiac care in our region. To donate, visit the website at or call 0113 831 4810.

CHSF believe that even small amounts can make a big difference and appeal to the generous Muslim community to remember CHSF in this time of giving.

Children’s Heart Surgery Fund also wish to use this platform to wish everyone a Ramadan Mubarak!