Every generation thinks they are better than the next, but of course I have to say that my generation was the best and it truly was.

There was a lot more respect between us in our days and we would never disrespect our elders, but today’s youngsters, they have a different way of even talking to us.

I recall when my dad used to come home, we all used to go quiet and he used to ask me to make his tea. I without question used to make him a cup of karak desi chai, and serve it to him with his favourite biscuits.

We would never dare raise our voice in front of our parents. I think that was good discipline and it helped shape us and teach us how to have, respect and tolerance towards others.

Nowadays however it’s different. Try asking for a cup of tea from one of the youngsters in the house and you will get a lot more than a cup of tea.

Firstly, when you call out their name, the response is always a flat ‘what’!

Then it’s the task of how long it takes for the tea to arrive and in what state.

My father was a very disciplined man, and so I never faulted in serving him his tea, exactly on demand.

Today’s kid’s brain is like soda water. When you open the bottle the fizz comes out and then it’s all flat.

As a young woman, I used to love spending time with my elders, I found so much peace in conversing with my elders, as their stories and knowledge was vast.

Me and my siblings and sometimes friends would all sit together and hear stories from our uncles and aunties – we would just talk about life and hear their stories about their lives and what they’d been through.

Some of our elders had it really tough, many of them didn’t even have the good fortune of an education and were working since they were kids.

The generation today are very lucky, they don’t have time to sit and listen to an old ‘bhuddi’ like me. They’d rather browse through their Facebook or Instagram

However, I have to say I do make for great selfies.