The City Ward Community Heart awards will be taking place in 2015. The awards have been born as a result of a consultation with the residents of BD7 to find out why they lived in the area.

Residents of the area felt there was a strong sense of community and they considered their neighbours as “Family members”, however they felt that there needed to be a stronger role model whom the youth could look up to, and keep the spirit going as the older generation does.

The new mascot for the City ward community hearts awards 2015 will be introduced this Saturday at Speedball, the community’s sponsor. The larger than life mascot will be present for local school children to take pictures with and they will also gain the opportunity to name the huge walking heart.

Bradford West Area Coordinators office and Exceed Alliance, that represents the local school, got together to design an award scheme that met local peoples aspirations. A working group has been set up and the momentum is growing. Rio Grande, Mahmood’s, Janan, and Speedball have already agreed to sponsor the event with several additional local sponsors already in the pipeline. Fatima Patel, the editor of the Asian Sunday was quick to support the event as a BD7 resident herself and is supporting the panel with her invaluable skills and experience. The event has won funding from Community first, Bradford West Area Committee and Exceed who are keen to celebrate the investment in the ward and the hard work of volunteers.

Cllr Nazam who is a working member of the committee and the city ward Councillor praised the awards, “City ward has so much to offer with some of Bradford’s best known entrepreneurs, sports groups and voluntary organisations, these awards will really showcase the talents and diversity that exists here.”

Nominations will open later this month at and the awards will take place on Friday 20 March at the Rio Grande, with tickets being made available in the New Year. In the mean time watch out for community heart Mascot in BD7 who will be making several appearances in the next few months.