By Ninder Kaur

afternoon tea zoya low res image
Afternoon Tea at Zoya’s to help raise funds for Bradford Cancer Support

Following a series of vandal attacks at the Bradford Cancer Support centre, local members of the community have decided to host an Afternoon Tea Party. The event has been organised to help raise vital funds to recover cost of damages which should have been spent on support for cancer victims and their families.

The cancer care centre at Daisy House Farm by Bradford Royal Infirmary was targeted four times last month, where marbles or ball bearings had been used to damage windows.

Several windows, a door and some woodwork have been damaged at the centre.

Police were called in to investigate and have opened up an appeal, whilst at the same time asking for people in the area to be vigilant.


Sarah Wood, Services Support Manager for the charity Cancer Support Airedale and Bradford, who runs Daisy House Farm in Smith Lane, Bradford, said: “It saddens us because we are a local charity supporting those affected by a cancer diagnoses and their families. It’s distracting us from why we are here. We also have limited resources. It is disgusting.”

Founder of Inspirational Women Awards and publisher of Asian Sunday Newspaper, Fatima Patel said: “I have been at the Cancer Support centre on a few occasions and have first-hand experience of how useful the centre is for people who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses. And when you hear that someone has not once but on many occasions tried to damage such services, it really does break my heart.”

“I think it’s criminal that the support centre should have to use funds raised to help cancer sufferers in rectifying damage caused to them by vandals, and therefore with the support of the Bradford Community we are putting together this Tea Party, to help recover their losses and to further support the great work that they do.”

Businesses such as Café Zoya immediately offered to help when they heard of the incident. They quickly Afternoon Tea final flyer lowdonated their banqueting suite, which will be transformed to host a tea party offering the best in local baking. The Afternoon Tea party will consist of delicacies such as macaroons, scones with cream and jam, a range of petit fours from tarts to cheesecakes with an Asian twist of gulab jamuns and barfi, sandwiches all complimented with that perfect cup of tea or coffee.

“When Fatima told us about what had happened, we wanted to offer our help and were happy to donate our services for such a required and good cause,”said Rashad Akbar of Zoya.

Portfolio holder for Health and Social care Councillor Ralph Berry will also be attending the event. He said: “I was shocked at the attack upon the Cancer Support Centre and really welcome the event. We are showing that a cup of tea and some fine cakes can really show our support for the Centre.”
He also added: “Bradford Cancer Support is a wonderful organisation that provides real care support and care for people coping with Cancer. I value the great work they do, knowing family and friends who have coped with cancer, the warm and positive support they provide is incredibly valuable.”

The event is a sell out and hopes to raise in excess of £2000 for the cause.