By Ninder Kaur

An hour long live special edition took place last night to mark 60 years of ITV.

During the episode,  Callum the villain, played by Sean Ward, was the bookies’ favourite to be killed off and within minutes his former girlfriend Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) left him lying in a pool of blood after a blow to the head with a wrench.

Callum played by Sean Ward

The Platt family were at the heart of the action as David (Jack P Shepherd) convinced wife Kylie of the need to bury the dead man under the garage manhole.

However, fans were not convinced that this was the end of the road for Callum.  They took to Twitter and wrote that Callum is still alive.

Also during the hour-long special, a big secret was also revealed by a tipsy Anna Windass. She told everyone in the

The Coronation Street cast
The Coronation Street cast

Rovers about the kiss shared between Sally Webster and her ex- husband Kevin Webster.

Sally’s finance Tim Metcalfe was devastated at the betrayal.

Elsewhere, Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles) left the Street with his partner Andrea Beckett to start a new life.

Charles later tweeted: ‘I am now officially an ex Corrie star. Loved the red Cadillac. After 10 years on the show you’d think they’d let me keep it. Haha.’

There were no other noticeable mistakes other than a slight sound problem when Craig Tinker (played by Colson Smith) had a chat with Tim and a minor camera wobble in the opening five minutes.


Despite that, the live episode was a success and no doubt has people talking today. We want to know what you though tweet us at @AsianStyleMag