By Ninder Kaur
Daughter of legendary Bollywood Star Kumar Sanu, Shannon K, is back with her strongest, most infectious track yet that’ll get you dancing…’Lose Control’!  Having found her perfect pure pop sound with March single ‘Just Another Boy’ and being named as BBC Asian Network’s Artist Of the Week, she is now ready to release her fifth brand new single ‘Lose Control’.

Shannon K

Composed by Matt Knight and Andy Whitmore, with lyrics from the excellent Rosie Penn, the single is a feel-good song, capturing the spirit and freedom of the upcoming summer months. It’s the first time Shannon has
released a single with such pure, summer vibes, and the infectious melodies and great production very much get you in the mood for the sunshine:

With ‘Lose Yourself’, Shannon K continues to mark herself out as one of the most versatile young artists on the independent scene today. Previous singles such as anti-drugs tune ‘Just Say No’ and the festive track
‘Christmas Song’ first marked her out as a talented vocalist, but with this
year’s quick  punch of ‘Just Another Boy’, ‘MOM’ (released on Mother’s Day,
lyrics by Brian Bogdanovic) which is an emotional track that really showcases Shannon’s vocal ability,  and now ‘Lose Control’, she is showing herself to be a real contender.

The quality of her songs, which was there from the very beginning, only improves with each single release. It should come as no surprise to learn that she grew up with a parent who knows what it takes to make it in the
music industry- The Bollywood vocalist himself, Kumar Sanu.

But now, thanks to her developing mainstream sound and with many years ahead of her, Shannon K has every chance of  going all the way with her pop singles and future releases.

Listen to the new track here.