Bradford MP, David Ward MP has today presented a Bill in Parliament calling for off road vehicles to be registered after being sold in order to assist the Police with dealing with anti-social behaviour in Bradford.

David Ward MP with Officers from West Yorkshire Police Quad SquadDavid presented the Off-Road Vehicles (Registration) Bill 2014-15 in Parliament which will make provision for the establishment of a compulsory registration scheme at the point of sale for all off-road motorcycles and quad bikes.

The use of off road vehicles like Quad and Dirt Bikes on our roads is illegal but there is a particular problem in Bradford where these vehicles are used on our roads and estates in order to speed, make a large amount of noise and generally cause a large amount of anti-social behaviour. 15% of all anti-social behaviour calls to West Yorkshire Police relate to the use of Off-Road Vehicles.

West Yorkshire Police are aware of this problem and have in fact been proactive in creating a new “Quad Squad” in Bradford in order to identify and where possible apprehend those that are using off road vehicles illegally. However, due to their speed and manoeuvrability, the Police are often unable to safely pursue those on off road vehicles and are currently unable to trace any acts back to the owners or potential users as they are currently unregistered. This results in crimes going unpunished, which only further encourages the use of these vehicles in Bradford.

David Ward MP with Officers from West Yorkshire Police Quad Squad 2David’s Bill will ensure that when Off Road Vehicles are sold, they will have to be registered. This means that the Police will be able to access records on a vehicles make and model which will better allow them to identity the perpetrators and take enforcement action. David has met with colleagues from West Yorkshire Police on many occasions to discuss his ideas and they welcome David’s proposals as an effective method in helping the Police track those taking part in anti-social behaviour in Bradford and across the country.

In support of this Bill, David has also tabled an Early Day Motion 620 in Parliament calling on the Government to introduce the registration of Off Road Vehicles as a tool to help combat anti-social behaviour.

Discussing his new Bill, Bradford MP David Ward said “Off road vehicles are often used to conduct acts of anti-social behaviour across Bradford and we need to ensure that the Police have all the necessary powers available to them to take effective action.

“The registration of dirt bikes and quad bikes after the point of sale would greatly enhance the ability of the Police to identify and prosecute those people using these vehicles in a dangerous and anti-social manner.

“I have been discussing this matter with West Yorkshire Police and they tell me that the registration of off-road vehicles would be significant step in helping to tackle crime, reduce antisocial behaviour and improving road safety in Bradford.

“I hope that this Bill will raise this as an important issue to the Government which needs addressing. However, for some reason they have been reticence in changing the current law, but it’s a real problem in many areas in Bradford, so I will continue to press the Government to take action”.

David will be publishing the text of his Bill in January next year and will continue to lobby Ministers in Government to implement these measures within a relevant Bill going through Parliament.