A driver who removed a parking ticket from a car and threw it on the floor was prosecuted for littering by Bradford Council.

Bradford magistrates were told that a Civil Enforcement Officer placed the Penalty Charge Notice on a black Ford car in Dale Street, Shipley, last November, because it was parked illegally.

He then witnessed a man return to the car, remove the Notice and throw it to the floor. The Officer took down the registration of the vehicle and the driver was later identified as Christopher John Rhodes, of Rowantree Drive, Thorpe Edge, Bradford.

The notice was removed and thrown to the floor

An £80 Fixed Penalty Notice for littering was sent to Mr Rhodes but despite two reminder notices being sent to his home, no payment was received.

The magistrates found the case proved in his absence (Friday 7 June) and fined Mr Rhodes £200 with £349 costs and £30 Victim Surcharge.

After the case, Coun Sarah Ferriby, Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “Bradford Council has to collect thousands of tonnes of rubbish from the streets each year, so we will do everything we can to try and influence people’s behaviour to reduce that amount.

“If this means prosecuting people who throw litter of any kind on to the floor then fail to pay Fixed Penalty Notices then we will do so.

“We are not out to make money from parking or litter enforcement, our main focus is on getting people to behave responsibly and considerately in the first place.

“If that happened there would be no court cases, no Fixed Penalty Notices and our streets and countryside would look a lot better.”

Bradford Council’s parking enforcement service confirmed that the Penalty Charge Notice issued for illegal parking had been paid.

This week Bradford Council’s Executive agreed to raise the Fixed Penalty Notice charge for littering from £80 to £100 in line with other local authorities. Early payment will receive a discount of £20.

The Executive also agreed to use new legislation to change the way littering from vehicles is dealt with. Previously, the Council could only prosecute if the specific person who dropped the litter from a car was identified beyond reasonable doubt.

Once the legal framework has been set up by the Council, a Penalty Charge

Councillor Sarah Ferriby

Notice of £100 (reduced to £80 for early payment) can be issued to the registered keeper of any vehicle from which one of the occupants is seen to drop litter.

Coun Ferriby said: “We welcome any change in legislation which makes gives us extra opportunities to try and reduce the amount of rubbish dumped on our streets.

“The Council Tax payers of Bradford have made it very clear to us that the visible quality of the environment is a high priority for them.”

To report littering or fly-tipping, please go to www.bradford.gov.uk or telephone 01274 431000.