Advertorial: HGV drivers urged to complete CPC before 10 September deadline or risk fines and penalties

All professional HGV drivers must complete 35 hours of Driver CPC training before 10 September 2014 in order to continue driving professionally. This includes all drivers of vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes who drive for hire or reward.
Failure of a driver to complete the mandatory hours by this deadline will result in a £1,000 fine for the driver and six penalty points on his licence if they continue driving commercially. There will also be a £1,000 fine for the company they are employed by.
To add to this fine, DVSA (formerly VOSA) are very likely to conduct a further investigation on the company to check if they are complying with other DVSA regulations, which could incur further penalties and restrictions. Regardless of the outcome, this is likely to affect your company’s OCRS rating, meaning you are much more likely to be stopped on the roads by the police or DVSA.

cpc driverAt Euro Driver we are an approved provider of CPC training, we are fully authorised and regulated to be able to deliver DVSA approved CPC courses in order for you to complete the statutory hours required.
You would benefit not just by gaining your required hours, but also from the experiences gained from our qualified trainers who have years of HGV driving experience. Our fees are competitively priced allowing you to receive accredited training at the best price possible.
We run several modules with our most popular being Drivers Hours & Tachographs. This module covers different aspects of drivers hours laws such as EU Driver Hours Rules, GB Domestic Rules, and (Road Transport) Working Time Regulations. If you’re finding that you’re making mistakes on driver hours because of incorrect usage of your tacho-graph, we can train you on the various functions of different tachograph models via our real time tachograph simulators, which are easy to use and understand.
Another popular module is Vehicle Checks & Defect Reporting whereby we show you how a driver should be carrying out their manda-tory Daily Vehicle Walk Around Check before they take their truck out on the road. We also go through the procedure of completing a Daily Defect Report Sheet allowing reporting and rectifi- cation of any problems in an efficient manner.

On our Loading & Manual Handling module, we cover aspects of the Health and Safety and Work Act relevant to drivers. We discuss the basic loading principles along with the different load restraints and how to use them in the most productive manner.
Maybe you’d like to book on to one of our Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving modules, or would like to learn more about your responsibilities as a driver in our Professional Driver er Legal Requirements module. You could also learn about various vehicles weight limits, legal dimensions and speed limits in our Vehicle Legal Requirements module. With only a few weeks remaining until the deadline for truck drivers, don’t risk losing your livelihood. Speak to us today in order to book and complete your Driver CPC qualification before 10 September. For a limited time only, if you contact us and mention this article, you will be eligible for our special offer of £60 per 7-hour course.