Labour leader Ed Milliband has been making headlines amid reports that some Labour figures want him to step down.

Ed Miliband rental marketA poll published on 12 November a day before Ed Miliband’s speech at the University of London by Ipsos MORI suggested that just 13% of Britons thought that Mr Miliband was ready to be prime minister; the lowest figure for a leader of the opposition since the polling firm started asking voters that question in 1994.

In his most recent, and probably most crucial speech Mr Miliband promised voters he will “put up with whatever is thrown at me in order to fight for you”

The Labour leader has pledged to take on “vested interests” and “powerful forces” in his bid to win the next general election.

However, it is believed by some that Mr Miliband has failed to persuade voters of his competence, particularly on the economy.

The Labour leader was also under fire recently for supposedly donating 2p to a homeless Romanian, however it has been confirmed that he threw in loose change which although camera’s caught 2p, the lady who he donated to confirmed it was actually a total of around 70p, that Milliband donated.

We did our own economics lesson at Asian Sunday to see what 70p could get us today and what it could have bought you in 1969 (the year Ed Miliband was born)

What can be bought for 70p?


A pint of milk


Packet of crisps


Jobseekers Allowance claimants saw

their incomes increase by just 70p last year.

Small cereal boxes


The 7-sided 50p coin came into circulation in Britain, replacing the 10-shilling note (£4.89).

A pint of Milk was 5p,

Cigarettes were 20p for 20

A large loaf of bread cost 9p

A trip for two to the cinema cost under 90p

So you could just about survive on 70p in 1969, but today you may not even be able to purchase a loaf of bread.

We took to the streets of Bradford to see what the public had to say. We asked:

Ed Milland was seen giving 70p to a homeless woman recently, what do you make of this?

The woman actually said he was the only man in a suit to stop and give her money and she would vote for him, now what do you make of this?

Jasmine Akhtar, nurse – “I think that is very generous. Although there will be people who would say that’s only 70p but that 70p can buy you a loaf of bread of bottle of milk or whatever that person needs.”

Anni smith, housewife – “I think that is okay, there is nothing wrong with that. If someone can give whatever they can give to someone who is homeless then they have a really good heart.  What can you buy for 70p? Goodness me. You can’t buy much for 70p- a few sweets, you can’t even get a cup of tea. There is not much is there. Very little.”

Sarah Digbeth, Pensioner– “I think it’s good that he actually stopped and gave something to a homeless person. He could have easily walked past the homeless woman like the hundreds and thousands of other people that would have gone by her that day, but he actually stopped. The fact that he was caught on camera donating money shows that he is setting a good example to the public. ”

Jonathan Biggs, Pensioner– “I think that is pretty tight of him to only give 70p. He is a representative for our country he could have given more so that she could actually buy a meal or something.”

Mrs. Dawson care worker – “I think it’s disgusting that he gave money to a homeless person. There are people like us who have to go to work and work ridiculous hours- some of us have 3 jobs as well. They should stop begging and get a job because we all know that they end up spending it on booze and drugs. There are plenty of jobs out there so homeless people can’t use that an excuse. The fact that he has managed to get a lot of recognition for giving 70p shows that begging is deemed acceptable in this country. He should be encouraging people to get a job and get off the streets.”

Premier Shop owner- Mr Budwal – “It’s good that he gave some money to a homeless person. It shows he has a heart.  In our shop you can buy 3 cans of beans, a samosa, a chocolate bar, a drink, a packet of crisps and they all cost 70p each or less.”