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Bradford has recently witnessed some amazing events, with Bollywood Carmen, Bradford Festival and the World Curry Festival, yet I recently caught the attention of a young Bradford girl, who had blogged on her site, that despite living in Bradford for three years, she won’t miss it as she soon leaves for University. Over the years, I’ve seen how much is talked about the Westfield site, the hole in our city, the employment figures, the pound shops, but for the first time, I read someone complaining about the people of Bradford.
She opens her blog with: I have lived in Bradford for 3 years now and am soon to be leaving for university, I’m not going to pretend that I’ll miss it because the majority of the experiences I’ve had here have been negative and any positive ones have been overwhelmed by that negativity.

Her views are concerning as she discusses how she is ‘looked at and treated by people on the street seemingly every time she goes out’

Her blog really made me think…Is it really the people that bring Bradford down, or is it the actual place?

Like every city, Bradford too has it’s problems. I looked back at issue 44 of the Asian Sunday newspaper, to see what stories I could find. I counted just over 20 positive stories versus three negative…Looks more positive than negative about Bradford to me.  So is it a case of we want the positive, but we secretly prefer reading the negative?

Another thing that really strikes me, is how our local MP’s like point scoring against each other…. although I must admit, it was wonderful to see the majority of our MP’s unite and pose with their smiley faces for a picture when campaigning to save the National Media Museum.

To be honest, I don’t think I personally will ever be able to pin point why Bradford is constantly fighting off it’s negative image, but I do feel that we as Bradfordians should take a leaf out of Jane Vincent’s (of Positive Bradford) book and try have a more optimistic look about Bradford..I don’t think I’ve ever seen that woman not wear a smile.

Anyway, that’s my rant for this edition, before I part I would like to wish all our readers a blessed Ramadhan and hope that you will all be taking advice from your local health centres on how to remain healthy during the month of Ramadhan…I personally found the NHS site useful…Follow the link and enjoy!!