Set to redefine the action thriller genre in Indian cinema, Releasing on 23rd January B-Town’s fast emerging powerhouse duo, Neeraj Pandey and Akshay Kumar unite once more to bring audiences a slick, action-packed thriller that redefines the genre in Indian cinema.

Baby 1Known to take risks and delve into subjects that are true in nature, Neeraj Pandey has carved a niche for himself as a director with strong vision and unconventional ideas. After Special 26, which garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success in 2013, the filmmaker once more directs action supremo, Akshay Kumar, alongside a stellar cast including Anupam Kher, Rana Daggubati, Danny Denzongpa, Kay Kay Menon, Rashid Naz, Taapsee Pannu, Sushant Singh, Madhurima Tulli, Mikaal Patras, Aziz Zulfiqar and Hasan Noman. Like Pandey’s previous films, each character is vividly sketched to take this high-octane thriller into a gripping zone, bringing to the screen a dynamic ensemble of power performances.

Baby is set against the backdrop of international terrorism – a no-nonsense entertainer in which Kumar plays a top counter intelligence agent. It is a story of those unsung heroes who guard the common man fearlessly, under the radar. A Neeraj Pandey film is synonymous with meticulous research and attention to detail. Steeped in current events, Baby will resonate with audiences of all ages and segments and entertain in thrilling style.

The country is perpetually under threat from terrorist powers. While the common Indian fights for everyday issues, there are deeper and bigger threats to him and his family that he will never know exist, because it is the men and women in uniform that safeguard them; the men and women who put country before self; the men and women who define history.

Baby_Poster 1‘Ajay’ (Akshay Kumar) is one such officer; part of an elite team chosen from amongst the best in the forces to form a covert counter intelligence unit. In the course of foiling one terrorist attack bid, Ajay discovers a major threat to the nation – a plan to cause damage and strike fear at the heart of society’s very existence. The plot is masterminded by a maniacal leader, ‘Maulana Rehman’, whose organisation has a network spread across the world. As days progress, the unit goes through escalating challenges with time ticking against them. At every juncture, the members of the unit give it all their strength and stand tall to safeguard the common man. Covert and courageous operations are performed across Kathmandu, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Delhi and Mumbai as the protectors will not rest until evil is defeated.

Will the maniacal Maulana Rehman and his band of evil succeed in striking terror in the heart of India? Will the Indian Government change gears from being reactive to proactive and strike? Will Ajay and his unit be able to prevent this terror tsunami?

Baby, a Neeraj Pandey film, a Crouching Tiger and Friday Filmworks production releases on 23rd January.