Tommy Robinson has been jailed for 13 months for breaking contempt of court laws with a Facebook Live video.

The former EDL leader’s sentence can be revealed for the first time after journalists challenged a reporting restriction put on the case at Leeds Crown Court.

Robinson, whose real name was listed on court documents as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was arrested outside the court on Friday.

He admitted committing contempt of court by publishing information that could prejudice an ongoing trial via a live stream on his Facebook page.

The court heard how the footage, which apparently lasted around an hour, had been watched 250,000 times within hours of being posted online via Facebook.

Supporters of the 35-year-old far right leader have protested over his imprisonment and have started a ‘FREE TOMMY ROBINSON’ petition which has already generated close to half a million signatures.

Robinson was already subject to a suspended sentence for a contempt charge related to a separate case in Canterbury.

The judge had warned him then he should expect to go to prison if he committed further offences.

Robinson was given 10 months in jail for contempt of court, and a further three months for breaching the previous suspended sentence.