By Ninder Kaur

Wedding season has begun which only means one thing- new music and who better than DJ Nav to get everyone hyped and ready for a summer banger.

Dubbed as the wedding song ‘Teri Rab Ne’ by DJ Nav, which features international artists and music couple Manj Musik and Nindy Kaur, is out now and the song is already a hit amongst music lovers.

The newly anticipated release has been tailor-made for wedding functions taking on an old classic and giving it a modern day spin for today’s couples. The original was a hit but with DJ Nav’s upbeat rhythm and fresh take, the song has touched an all new high which makes for a current love story.

Dj Nav- Teri rab neAsian Style Magazine talks exclusively to DJ Nav to find out more.


Tell us a bit about the track- ‘Teri Rab Ne’ What is the inspiration behind it?


Teri Rab Ne is a song recreated for the modern day Bride & Groom.. Over the recent years of helping couples decide on what song to start the party with, this classic was one that was always on the cards but started to feel a little old skool for some couples. For me, the original is amazing and I just wanted to bring my own energy to the track with a more raw bhangra feel to it


What was it like working with international stars Manj Musik and Nindy Kaur?


These two artists who are also happily married are amazing to work with. Considering they have over 2 million followers on social media they are super humble and very focused.  Ok lets dish the dirt haha.. Nah only messing it was a great honour to have them bless the song, which they are already performing worldwide. In the studio it was very positive and full of laughter, Manj sat with me and advised me on how to make things sound much cleaner and his vocals are always on point. Nindy brings the fun factor to the studio. There is never a dull moment with this amazing lady she makes you smile and tells the funniest stories. Overall, for a couple that have made hit after hit for the bollywood market they are quite honestly a true inspiration and guide me with all my work since I have started my solo career.


What has the response been like so far by fans?


I am simply blown away, in the first 48hours we hit over 10,000 plays on Sound Cloud and around 8,000 on YouTube. The response has come from all across the globe and from places I never thought my music would reach. I even had a message on my Facebook page from Mexico saying they used it on their destination wedding when the party was kicking. Just to hear this I was in total shock. Music is one language that everyone can understand so I’m looking forward to an email from China soon haha… I cannot thank the listeners enough for the support and the energy they feed me. This is definitely the best response I have had for one of my Single releases.


Tell us about the video? How did you decide on this concept as its the first-of-its-kind?


Well this is simple I turned the TV on, watched some music channels and said I don’t want to do any of that- not in a nasty way. I was just bored of seeing the same old video. So I decided on shooting a gorilla style video, which basically means 1 camera operator with no tools but the camera and only his vision, which I had to trust him with.  Now leaving this to him and his style of shooting was a big risk but did he do an amazing job or what…??? I gave him a brief before hand and said I want a story of a wedding reception from start to finish from the DJ side.  The footage in the UK was shot by Shaz Dejav from The FrameLab, who flew in from Germany to shoot, and India by Sukh Singh. Then edited firstly by Mr FrameLab and finally finished by Harkirat from India. YES… This was a worldwide collaboration in more ways than one. Check out the video here.


You have had a lot of success with Paar Langah De, Glassy and Tensionah. Why has it taken so long for you to release new music?


After leaving my first record label who did nothing for me as an artist, I moved to Musik ONE records which was the best decision I ever made. ‘Paar Langah De’ & ‘Glassy’ were both amazing songs, but with a record label not supporting the songs to their full potential is one thing I blame the record label for. ‘Tensionah’ came out with MUSIK ONE and what a response I received and the backroom staff and whole operation were executed with hype and vision. As time passed, the bookings rushed in and the days felt shorter 24hours were simply not enough in a day. I toured in India, Canada, Europe and all the way to Thailand, so my DJ skills took over my schedule. When I finally got some studio time we cooked up ‘Teri Rab Ne’ and a whole bunch of other dance floor anthems which are soon to be released. Hopefully much quicker this time – I won’t keep the listeners waiting. TOUCH WOOD haha!!



What was the reason for being re-introduced under the Kudos Music label? 


No lie I was head hunted..haha!! I have known the Kudos lads for a while and I was known to be the best DJ from the North of the UK. A title that people knew me for and called me by. For those who don’t know Kudos, Kudos are the biggest and best Asian wedding entertainment company in the UK. So it was a matter of time before our paths crossed. DJ H one of the Kudos Directors and I had lighthearted conversations where it was brought up and I guess he planted a seed. I am now part of the most elite DJs in the UK and what a show we all put on. After my Nomination as The ‘UKs best club DJ’ last year I carried a lot of hype and became highly sought after for the best of the best weddings in the UK and abroad with my Bollywood connections.


Who is your dream collaboration?


The question that I never struggle to answer. There are so many insane singers out there and producers but who would I pick?? To be honest the one collaboration close to me is to make a song with my Father. He has always sang and also plays the Tumbi and Harmonium, so when my Dad tells me his free and I agree to his terms and conditions lets make it happen. It will be one collaboration that I will cherish forever.


I have heard you have a good voice, would singing be something you would like to take on in the future?


Well now don’t you have some inside information, YES is the simple answer I am working on vocals only as a hobby for now. I have re-recorded all of my releases to date and have them safely hidden on my laptop for now haha. When I feel, or if I feel my voice is good enough for the world to hear I shall be releasing some material as the next Chapter to my evolution in the Music industry. Fingers crossed!!


What’s next for you? Can we expect any singles/album/more collaboration? 


You sure can!! As I mentioned earlier, I won’t be keeping the listeners waiting too long this time as I have been working on a quite a few new singles, which will be released over the year. Each track I have worked on is different from the next to also showcase my diversity as a DJ and a Music Producer. I always want to try new things, experiment and push myself to strive and do better than what I have done previously.


‘Teri Rab Ne’ has released on SoundCloud and available for FREE download now.