bradford-city-640x480166-588442_478x359Bradford City Football Club prides itself on their loyal fans and to show their appreciation hundreds more seats are being created for more fans to be able to come and watch their favourite team play.

Those who are season tickets holders will be making use of the extra seating in the main west stand, as the current seats will be removed and space for 424 extra fans will be made.

These additional seating arrangements are being made in time for the FA Cup quarter final to take place on 7 March.

Watching a Bradford City game has become high demand and many people are trying to get hold of tickets for upcoming matches. City has taken this into account and is doing whatever they can to accommodate the thousands of fans wanting to attend City games.

Extra staff and volunteers have been called in to meet the demands of eager City fans. And the club has requested for any skilled workers who can assist with dismantling the old seats from the west stand to contact them, as that area needs to be stripped out and cleaned before the replacements are installed.

Bradford City has been on a remarkable high with their win against Chelsea, and most recently against Sunderland and the support of their fans has been vital during these wins, therefore the continued support of their fans will help to keep City’s winning street on the increase.