Fawad khan, the new Bollywood hunk and previous star of Pakistani dramas Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai, has stated that he will not carry out any intimate scenes on screen just yet as he “Does not want to hurt the sentiments of his core audience.”

Fawad was seen carrying out many kissing scenes in his recent hit film khoobsurat, alongside Sonam Kapoor, but the kiss did not actually take place and was only made to look like it did. Fawad says “The audience that has got me where I am. I think I need to respect their feelings.”

“A lot of my audience would be quite offended if I suddenly started losing all my inhibitions. I just want to prepare the audience for a gradual change,”

This means he could possibly begin to carry out intimate scenes in the future as “You never know. I never say never. I’d rather walk the unpredictable path. Besides, I’d never like to throw in something titillating just to spike and spice up a film,” says Fawad.

Fawad believes that intimate scenes can take place without any physical contact and he managed to prove this in his two hit serials in which he did not have any physical contact with both of his co-stars. “What I learnt from doing the two popular Pakistani serials ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ and ‘Humsafar’ is that audiences appreciate a romantic moment without physical intimacy” he explains.

“There was not a touch or a hug anywhere in either series. And yet audiences loved my chemistry with my co-stars (Mahira Khan and Sanam Saeed). I kind of like the idea of virgin romance to just show the couple’s feelings through words and gestures and then leave the rest to the audiences’ imagination,” he said.