Following five successful year’s publishers of Asian Sunday now launch their weekly news title – Asian Standard.  Asian Sunday first published in summer 2011 and has gone from strength to strength as the UK’s leading FREE Sunday newspaper. In 2015, Managing Editor, Fatima Patel resigned from her post, as Editor due to illness and took on a more behind the scenes role as Head of Business for the Bradford based publishing house, RF Publishing Ltd.
Since taking on her new role as Head of Business Fatima re-launched the successful FREE lifestyle Asian Style Aug 2016 covermagazine – Asian Style Magazine, helped develop the companies first online TV programme – The Desi Kitchen and took Asian Sunday to a national audience.

From the beginning, Asian Sunday set a bench mark within the Asian print media industry by offering a publication which focused on issues affecting British Asians living and working in the UK, with a particular vision to reach out to the wider community to offer a platform to learn more about the British Asian community’s interests, aspirations, business and lifestyle in the UK.

Asian Sunday has always been at the forefront of breaking news affecting the Bradford community and the Asian community at large.

The new FREE weekly paper, Asian Standard will continue raising the bar for the British Asian media industry, with a primary focus on quality, innovative content and above all responsible reporting.

The launch edition of Asian Standard was released last week and has been welcomed by readers and businesses, with many touting it to be the best British Asian newspaper in Europe.

Asian Standard will be delivered every week to 8,000 businesses nationally, while Asian Sunday, will build and focus on the organisation’s digital strategy launching its video news portal along with regular programmes, such as The Desi Kitchen from the company’s in-house production team.

The Desi Kitchen, is a chat show, where the host is a traditional Asian Aunty, who invites guests to her natalie and Aunty K desi Kitchenkitchen to cook for her. Host Aunty K, takes great pleasure in quizzing her guests, whilst also making them do the ‘roti (chapati) challenge’

The pilot show was aired in June, with current Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett as the first guest. The full season of The Desi Kitchen is set to begin later this year.

Speaking about the new platforms, Fatima said:

“It’s been hard work, but in order to meet with audience demand, it’s important to offer platforms that are engaging and innovative and I am pleased that the new look of our brand, the launch of Asian Standard and more focus on video news, puts us in a unique position compared to all other British Asian media outlets.

“The new structure will consolidate and build upon the organisation’s existing reputation as THE leading British Asian Media catering to the needs and aspirations of Asian communities across the UK and beyond. Not only do I want to position our organisation as the expert on the British Asian community across the country covering a full range of issues affecting them from politics to media to finance, to the arts and culture to lifestyle, fashion and more, I want to also ensure that we are using the most up to date technologies and platforms to reach out to our readers whether they are online, in print or through video platforms.

“I am confident my reporters and columnists will keep the British Asian community updated on top news stories affecting them as well as keeping them abreast of current thinking and topical issues, viewpoints and debates that matter to them.

“In today’s times the British Asian influence is definitely being felt and we want to ensure those who are interested in engaging or are a part of this community can come to us as their main source of news. I also want our organisation to be at the forefront of opportunities. We want to help nurture talent creating the next generation of business leaders, politicians, newspaper owners, artists, entrepreneurs and more”.

If you didn’t manage to grab a copy of the launch issue of Asian Standard, you can read it online here:

The next issue of Asian Standard will be out on Tuesday 30 August and every week thereafter.

Readers will be able to enjoy video news content on from Monday 29 August and can enjoy reading about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and Bollywood on with FREE monthly glossy magazine from 9 September.