Hundreds packed out Mr T’s restaurant in Great Horton Road on Friday to get a glimpse of heavy weight boxing champion Tyson Fury.

While the majority of fans were delighted to see ‘The Gypsy King’ a ‘small pocket’ of fans chose to throw eggs in an ‘unprovoked attack’ at a police car, which had been called to manage traffic.

A brick thrown through the windscreen

One even threw a brick at the car causing damage to both the bonnet and windscreen. Officers who attended told Asian Sunday how disappointed they were as they were only in attendance to assist traffic flow and promote pedestrian safety.

“This is an entirely unprovoked attack against emergency services.” A spokesperson said.

Sharat Hussain, who lives in the area was very disappointed with what had happened. He told Asian Sunday: “Let’s be honest anti-social behaviour is on the increase isn’t it?

“We need to start working with uniformed services. All the good that we did over bonfire weekend this kind of stuff leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

“You’ve got something happening locally for a business that’s invited a celebrity, and this is what they do, so it’s a bit embarrassing”

Another person who attended the event, who didn’t want to be named told Asian Sunday: “I am deeply ashamed at what these handful of people have done.

“This makes us (Bradford) look like an embarrassment to other cities. We need to learn to respect and show our good side, instead we result to such appalling behaviour.”

Owner of Mr T’s, Tauseef Malik was deeply disappointed and deplored the act and is working to assist the police in finding information regarding the incident.

PC Cahill, who was on duty on the night said: “This police vehicle is now off the road, until repaired. That’s one less police car to respond to community emergencies and keep the Bradford West Community safe tonight, we are entirely frustrated by this mindless vandalism and would hope that anybody with information in relation to the suspect would contact us”

Police have thanked local businesses who approached officers deplored this behaviour and are appealing for witnesses in relation to the damaged Police vehicle.

Anyone with any information or any mobile phone footage capturing the incident is urged to please contact 101 quoting the reference number 13190098028