By Ninder Kaur


September! The month that every student dreads. The moment we have to pack away all our summer clothes and settle on that one dull outfit every day-School uniform. Here at Asian Style magazine we have come up with 5 top tips to show off your stylish side while still maintaining your school’s dress code policy.


  • It’s all in the (h)air


Even the strictest of school uniform policies will allow variation in hairstyles so why not try a sleek, high ponytail or a messy bun to add some oomph to your look.

Don’t forget the accessories in your hair. There’s plenty to choose from- hair clips, colourful scrunchies, cute bows and cool headbands. These are great ways to channel that preppy school look.



  • Shoes,shoes, shoesloafer shoes

From ballet flats to loafers- the possibilities are endless. We know schools are strict on their black shoes only policy but there are plenty of options to choose from to show off your personal style.




  • Add some sparkleearring studs 


Pick out a cool necklace and bracelet or two. If your school doesn’t allow jewellery, try getting some cute studs or accessorise with a watch. Not only will you be adding a touch of chic to your outfit but you will be dressed practical too as you don’t want to be arriving late to class.





  • Wear natural makeupmakeup

Apply lightly brushed bronzer on cheeks, forehead, nose and chin for a more natural face. Also, make sure your eyebrows are on fleek (groomed and shaped).

Some lip balm or gloss on lips, with a light application of mascara and your good to go. Remember to NEVER cake on your makeup. Simplicity is way more attractive.




  • Shop for pieces you are allowed, to add to the uniform.floral backpack

A new coat that will flatter your figure, a stylish new hat or scarf with definitely add a pop of colour to uniform and will keep you fashion forward. And of course, don’t forget your school bag or backpack. A satchel looks very scholarly while a floral backpack suite the girly girl- there’s plenty to choose from.






And there you have it. 5 steps to turn your once boring school corridor into a fashion forward catwalk (all within school uniform regulations of course).