Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has shown how humble and down to earth he is by stating that stars are just human “not some divinity … we seek humaneness”.


The 72-year-old expressed the love and affection he receives from his fans in his blog He wrote “The love respect and affection that comes, comes without any incursion from other quarters … I am embarrassed and lulled into thought, why this does occur … and am needing to think that even if I desired an answer I would never get one …

He goes on to explain that celebrities are simply humans like everybody else and must be treated in that way “And so we exist … and so we perish … much like most others … We are human, not some divinity … we seek humaneness,” posted the 72-year-old who stays connected with his fans via blog and Twitter, where he amassed 11 million followers.”

Amitabh has been given the tag of ‘Shahenshah’ by his millions of fans across the globe and his humble action depicts the reason for the adoration by his fans.