By Ninder Kaur


Sidra Jafri is an author, medium and Awakening Facilitator. She has had a number of high profile clients and now regularly features on Zee TV.

We chat to Sidra about when she realised she had ‘the gift’, what you can expect in her global event ‘ The Awakening’ and much more.

Sidra Jaffri

When did you first realise that you had the gift?


I came to realise a few years ago when I was working as a hypnotherapist in a private practice, where I would see clients for various issues. During sessions, I would start getting feelings about different events in their lives that would give me a clue to where the point of creation of their problem was coming from and by addressing the core issue straight away, we would facilitate their healing. These spontaneous readings and healing drove me to discover the gift of perceiving energies; which is a gift that we all have within us.

Have you had any formal training or instruction for this work?

When I was in my final year of Bsc. Management with Law, I took up criminology and psychology and that re-ignited my interest in human behaviour. So, I did a diploma in counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and various other courses such as life coaching, Reiki, NLP, EFT for years which lead me to develop my own technique of healing (Access Body Consciousness) to create long lasting change in people’s lives.


How have the Asian community reacted to your career?


I recently did a lot of training in India and by the grace of God, the response has been amazing and people have been very open to learn new ways of being. Personally, I feel it is that time in the history of evolution, where we are feeling that it is time to change, because things that use to work in the past are no longer working.


How does it make you feel when people dismiss it and say its complete rubbish?


I feel compassion personally for those who dismiss and say it’s complete rubbish as it is only human nature to reject what we don’t understand. Throughout the history of mankind all the people who have presented a ‘new’ idea or a ‘new’ thought have all been ridiculed and rejected as it conflicts with people’s current way of being and makes them feel insecure about the future. So it’s not personal.


Tell us about the  ‘The Awakening’ and its benefits.


The Awakening is a course that I offer for those who are looking to create change in their lives and are keen on learning ways to improve their health, wealth and relationships.

How do you feel about being a regular guest on Zee TV?

I love Zee TV and have grown up watching it. I feel it’s a great privilege to be on air. The whole Idea came about when my first book ‘The Awakening- 9 principles for finding the courage to change your life” was launched, and a friend of mine invited me to be a guest at Zee Companion and spread the message of The Awakening. It was a wonderful experience and I felt that it is a great platform to do what I love doing. With the support of the producer of the show and Zee TV team, we decided to have regular appearances on Fridays at Zee Companion and see how people receive the knowledge


What are some of the reasons clients come and see you for?

People usually come and see me when they are at a stage of their life where the life they are currently living is no longer working. Sometimes it’s their jobs, they want to change, relationships that might be causing grief or health challenge, which they can’t get to the root cause of.

What can one expect during a normal session with you?

One can expect a lot of laughter, tears, awareness, insights and choice to create a different life.


People are a bit skeptical about things like this, how would you encourage them to speak to someone like you?


I feel skepticism is healthy as long as people are open. My way of encouraging people to try the tools out is to have fun with it and give it a go without the attachment of getting it right. The challenge we currently face as the human race is that we take ourselves way too seriously, which stops us from making mistakes and getting things wrong! It is the fear of getting it wrong that stops people from trying new things.

What do you enjoy the most about your career?

Conversations. I love that I get to have the most profound and soulful conversations with complete strangers, which changes the course of their lives, and I get to be a part of their wonderful journey.

Does your brain ever go into overdrive when you meet new people?

In the past, it used to be crazy, I couldn’t function in the ‘normal’ world without feeling people’s aura/spirits and energies. With time, I have learnt to manage it and found a way to manage the abilities so that I can just relax and have ‘normal’ conversations without being pulled by the energies.


What techniques do you use to heal and relax yourself?

ABC (Access, Body, Consciousness) is my favourite technique to shift any imbalance in my energy. I also love spas for relaxation.

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