A referendum survey aimed at helping voters decide which way they should vote has released figures showing the key issues which voters prioritised in their decisions to vote ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’.

Created by JournoLInk, the questionnaire went viral and hit over 250,000 users as the polls closed at 10.00pm on the 23rd. The survey indicated an average majority Leave vote consistently over the seven days it was running.

From the responses to the various questions, the key areas that appeared to influence ‘leave’ voters were:

A third of ‘Leave’ respondents simply did not have a view on whether leaving or staying would be good for the economy.

Immigration and Employment
4 out of 5 believed that Britain should have the say on who comes into Britain to work, even if that restricts the ability of Britons to work abroad.

Red Tape
Half of the ‘Leave’ voters surveyed believed that European red tape stands in the way of British Business.

Nearly 9 out of 10 agreed free movement and open borders may make it easier for criminals to move between countries

A lack of clarification on issues was clear too, with many voters commenting that they did not feel they had enough information to make a clear decision either way.

The survey also found several key issues which ‘Remain’ voters prioritised, including:

Nearly half believed Europeans should be able to live and work anywhere in Europe without restrictions.

19 out of 20 agreed that it is important that justice is served, regardless of borders.

9 out of 10 said it was important for British businesses to be able to trade freely with EU countries.

Adam Prickett, Development Director at JournoLink, said of the results:

“We set out to help undecided voters work out whether their views pointed to a leave or stay decision. Over 250,000 people used the questionnaire, with many commenting it was the most useful tool available. It emphasised that the political debates did not give the voters the answers they needed.”