Bradford Council’s Executive will consider a recommendation from the Children’s Services Overview & Scrutiny committee to set up a working party looking at how the governing body was replaced at Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College.

A petition, led by a former Laisterdyke school governor, was submitted to the Council calling for an independent public enquiry into events surrounding the replacement of the school’s governing body with an Interim Executive Board (IEB).

An IEB can be introduced only with the Secretary of State’s approval, following an application by a local authority citing serious concerns about governance. The petition questioned how the process was carried out in this particular case.

After considering the petition, the Children’s Services Overview & Scrutiny committee recommended that a working party be set up to examine all the evidence and to enable all parties to learn lessons where necessary.

david greenCouncillor David Green, Leader of Bradford Council, said: “Everyone associated with the school can be reassured by this open and democratic process, which has ensured that the petition is given a full and fair hearing.

“Our concern for the young people at Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College has underpinned all our actions. Bringing in an IEB is a well established process in school improvement, both locally and nationally.