In a time and age where there are countless examples of disunity, the importance of Interfaith becomes clearer.

Now, we are right in the middle of Interfaith Week, where every year, from Remembrance Sunday up until the following Sunday, people from all over, including organisations, get together to host events for the community to celebrate the importance of inter faith.

This week a number of events have taken place to represent the diversity in Bradford. On Monday, Bradford faith groups came together to show unity at Tesco Great Horton Rd. Figures of each faith community got together to promote Interfaith to customers and members of the public by handing out sweets and chocolates and leaflets on the significance behind it. After this, a meal was shared between all of the team.

Interfaith week draws new people into inter faith learning and cooperation and enables greater interaction between people of different backgrounds. This also helps develop integrate neighbourly communities. The three aims of the week consist of 1. Strengthening good inter faith relations at all levels. 2. Increasing awareness of the different and distinct faith communities in the UK, in particular celebrating and building on the contribution which their members make to their neighbourhoods and to wider society. 3. Increasing and understanding between people of religious and non-religious beliefs.

Today, an Interfaith walk was organised by various participants of each faith to generate an idea of solidarity and to celebrate diversity in the heart of Bradford. The walk started from the Richmond building of Bradford University, made its way through City Centre and ended in Bradford Cathedral.

Andrew Howorth – Chaplin of Bradford University said: “We wanted to show that as people of different faith communities in Bradford, we could work together to share words of inspiration and kindness with each other. To show people in Bradford, and remind them what an amazing diversity this is. There’s a lot about this place that inspires us”

Ridwaan Haris – Believing In Bradford Ambassador “I’m here to show support and solidarity to this walk, as a member of the Muslim community. This is a project we’ve sort of set up to show that we as people of faith can walk side by side in a city that is so diverse. It’s a symbolic gesture walking side by side on this journey of inspiration and the purpose really is to walk through University, into the city, to the Cathedral sharing words of wisdom along the way”.

Having a special week provides a focus point , helping to open inter faith activity to a wider audience so that more  and more people are made aware of the importance of this vital work and are able to participate in it.

Rifaqat Ali – Community Coordinator Bradford Council: ” Interfaith is not just one week a year. It is throughout the whole year. But this week gives a slight more focus to do something extra”.

Interfaith will take place next year on the 13 November 2019. For more events that are taking place, visit: