By Ninder Kaur










It seems like everyone has been swapping jeans for gym wear recently.

Gone are the days when you would be struggling to find a cute top to match your newly purchased ripped/high-waisted/skinny jeans.  With the New Year commencing everyone seems to be obsessing about getting into shape and looking fashionable whilst doing so.

Many of you have already sworn by how 2015 heralds a new year of fitness. And what better way to kick-start your new regime than with a new revamped wardrobe of gym attire, to keep you dedicated and motivated to your promise. Once-popular shell suits and leg warmers are thankfully a thing of the past. Even baggy tees and old leggings have even been pushed aside because quite simply, they are just not good enough to sweat in anymore.

gym gear

Sportswear in general is becoming rather more stylish in its own right (even outside the gym). It’s all thanks to high-street stores wanting a piece of the action, that there’s now no need to spend an arm and a leg. Adidas and Nike can move over because there are new alternatives in town.

Whereas workout clothes once relegated to the back of the closet, they are rapidly moving to the front of the fashion scene. In 2014, we saw Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M take the country by storm. It was a collection which optimised sports chic and was sold out within a matter of hours.

But why is it that this casual clothing trend is popping up everywhere we turn?

Well  not  long ago, it was considered quite a faux pas to be seen running around town in your workout pants and trainers—unless, of course, you lived somewhere like LA or Miami, where it’s always been acceptable to flaunt that beach-ready body all the time. But with sporting apparel being everything from comfortable, affordable, versatile and stylish, active wear is no longer just for the gym. So it’s no surprise that everyone is bringing out new ranges of luxe hoodies, stretch pants etc to not only makes us look good but feel good whilst on the move.

This so-called fashion style is all thanks to the Americans who push to live a more active lifestyle, and we being the sheepish individuals we are, we have decided to copy.

It’s also down to the likes of Topshop who recently announced that they are embarking on a joint venture with Beyonce to create a “global athletic streetwear brand” this Autumn. Rihanna even managed to bag herself a deal with Puma, so it’s no wonder when global pop stars like these bring out their ranges that we want to be part of it too. It gives us the impression that if we wear these clothes we feel equally as fit as the ladies promoting them.

alexander wang
Alexander Wang Collection for H&M


Mainstream designers like Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang jumped onto this fitness chic bandwagon, introducing clothing lines with everything from costly leggings to $100+ zip-front hoodies. With so many people interested in fitness right now who can blame them for equipping us with the best of the best.

With fashion houses being a little out of our price range, nationwide retailers like New Look, Primark and Victoria Secret have all got in on the action too. Designs include details of lace and mesh panelling making it somewhat preferable choice to that one pair of trusty black leggings you’d always be sporting. Even online retailers (popular for their “stylish” clothes) are not ones to fall behind as Missguided Active and boohooFIT have introduced their new chic collection for 2015.


“It’s great that everyone is introducing new collections and that fitness is taking over the fashion world. I like that it has become almost cooler to be comfortable and athletic than to be overly glamorous,” said Laurie Malone a gym enthusiast from Bradford.

Boohoo Fit
Boohoo Fit

With only a month into the new year, we have already seen how people have swapped blouses for fitted vests, heels for sneakers and cardigans for hoodies. There was a time when you would be embarrassed to step out and be seen in this gear, but no one seems to bat an eye lid anymore. Who knew that yoga pants and neon sports bras would become the ‘it’ fashion staple.


Anastasia Wilson, a 27 year old assistant, says- “I actually prefer shopping for workout gear than jeans and dresses. It’s much more comfy and stylish. There is so much to choose from- everything from sports bras, to trainers to choosing matching socks. I don’t know how I survived wearing jeans everyday. This trend is definitely going to take off this year thanks to fitness fanatics. Who knows, soon enough we might be going to work in tank tops and joggers.”

Missguided Active 1
Missguided Active


Women are spending hundreds of pounds on athletic clothing with the intention of not actually having to workout. In our heads, we have latched onto the idea that if you wear workout clothes (like half of these celebrities posing on Instagram) then you are more obliged to work out. You feel a lot more attractive knowing that you have the intentions of living a healthier lifestyle and wanting people to know that you are trying to become fit.

As we have become a generation that is always ‘on-the-go’, fashion houses have had to adapt to our lifestyle. It is for that reason that these clothes supposedly give us more function without compromising style.



Ladies, it’s about time you shift those jeans aside as it is obvious to see that gym clothes have become the new uniform of 2015. Note that if you deem yourself as a gym junkie or not, you’ll be dressing like one soon enough.