By Aalia Khan

Arpita Khan, Salman Khan’s sister managed to conquer something that most of the Bollywood film industry were unable to do so; she brought the Baadhsah and hunk of Hollywood back together, and cuddling. Yes that’s right Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan were reunited over the weekend to celebrate Salman’s sisters sangeet.

Arpita Khan married her fiancé Ayush Sharma this week, but her sangeet night, which brought the Khans’ together, is still the hot gossip of the wedding bonanza.

Arpita had secretly invited SRK to her sangeet on Sunday and Salman was extremely overjoyed when he heard of his arrival that he attended to him immediately, embraced him in a tight hug and also made sure he was well taken care of.

srk salmanThe two were also seen hugging and kissing Arpita, a picture that was shared by Arpita on her social media sites. SRK had said that even if he was not invited he would have still gone as Arpita “Is like a sister” to him.

Not only were Karan-Arjun back together, but when Aamir Khan heard of this news he was also ecstatic and says it gave him a sleepless night “I got to know about the patch-up. In fact they didn’t let me sleep the entire night. Around 1:30 am they first called me and informed about it, then around 2:30 am we did a face-time call. So this went around till early morning and they kept me awake” The Times of India quoted him as saying.

Now that the Khans have reunited let’s hope this friendship remains and is perhaps even seen onscreen sometime in the future.