Gloria De Piero and Naz Shah stand outside the pink bus
Gloria De Piero and Naz Shah stand outside the pink bus

Labour’s infamous pink bus arrived in Bradford this week to reach out to the women in the area.


The party’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, Gloria De Piero arrived on the ‘Woman to Woman’ bus in Manningham to support Labour’s Bradford West election candidate Naz Shah.

Both Labour representatives met with local businesswomen, councillors and employees to find out what they would like to see from a Labour Government after May’s General Election.

The women of Bradford discussed a number of problems that have soared across the country under the Coalition government. The problems ranged from education and childcare to low pay and unemployment.


Local women discussed the problems with parliamentary members
Local women discussed the problems with parliamentary members

As a result, the bus has been used as a national effort to reach out to women after it was revealed that 9.1 million women did not vote in 2010 because they were switched off by politics.

Woman to Woman aims to win over female voters by highlighting Labour’s women-friendly policies, including boosting the minimum wage to £8 and increasing support for childcare for working parents.

Talking about the pink bus, Gloria said: “We have got to change the way we are doing politics. With the pink bus we get to go to where women are- their work places, women groups and wherever women are, we are going to go speak to them. Lots and lots of women are turned off by politics. We are trying to do something a bit different to encourage women to vote. “


She added: “The pink bus is not just a vehicle but also it’s a vehicle to say something about women’s lives.”

Naz explains how the pink bus will help with unemployment issues amongst women in Bradford. “In 2010, we had no over 25 year olds in long term unemployment. Today we have 290 in Bradford West and that is a figure that we need to change. We need to go back to 0 in long-term employment. The message that we are carrying is important and that message is about engaging women.

The bus is due to visit 70 constituencies before the general election.