By Ninder Kaur

The silk scarf has lately been shaking off its reputation as the elegantly respectable accessory of Spring/Summer.

But now the 1970s trend, once popular with your nan’s must have staple item, has been reclaimed as the coolest styling must-have this season. And while there’s nothing wrong with wearing yours in the ultra-chic traditional manner, the beauty of the new silk scarf is its brilliant versatility. And, unlike most accessories, you can wear them a half-dozen ways. Here’s how:


  • The neck tie

Gucci, Saint Laurent and even Tom Ford are just a few of the big name fashion houses that are employing the silk scarves as chokers.

Knotted snug around your neck, it adds a dash of quirky, French-girl chic.

neck tieneck tie1









  • The Hair tie

There are so many ways to wear a scarf on your head and look chic. It gives any outfit that effortless boho style.

Why not get that festival look by simply tying the scarf around your head and letting the excess fabric fall to the side just like Blake Lively.

Or why not try the turban. Rihanna has sported the look in the past as she gave her casual slip dress and trainers a glamorous spin by simply by tying a silk scarf around her head.

This is a great trick for when you can’t quite simply be bothered to do anything with your hair (and that includes washing it)…. And we all know we have those days.

Blake Lively hair tieRihanna Hair tie











  • Wrist tie

    We have seen it quite a lot lately, especially after making its appearance at this year’s Dior Resort show in Cannes. This chic look will have you ditching your bracelets for this simple wrap-a-round arm candy. You can create perfect summer vibes using a gorgeous pastel or floral scarf.

    dior wrist wrappscarf on wrist












  • Belt it up

    It performs just like a belt but unlike the boring old leather black/brown options you have in store, the scarf belt is great at upping your outfit. It will add a splash of colour to your denim jeans or capri pants whilst doing the job of an actual belt.

    scarf beltbeltscarf









  • Ankle

The ankle wrap will instantly give an offbeat appeal to elegant heels and eveningwear. You can even pair them with some sandals to give your outfit that extra burst of colour.

ankle scarf



  • Bag it up

    We know you have seen it before, but the great thing about it is, is that it actually works. This is a great way to give your tote or shoulder bag a quick makeover by giving it a colourful spin.
    This trend has been spotted on a number of fashionistas with a multitude of silk scarves in cool prints, giving their classic leather a new lease of life.

bag wrap 3







bag wrapp







Give your outfits a style makeover and go scarf crazy this Spring/Summer.