intouch charityA Bradford based charity – Intouch Foundation alongside local members of the community are holding a fundraiser on Sunday 28 December following a schools plea to help a family living in extreme poverty resulting from a tragic accident.

Jasmin Akter, 13, Ismail Mohammed, 15, and Yeasin Mohammed, 18, had been left to fend for themselves after their mother was seriously injured in a car accident while visiting family in Bangladesh last summer.

The family moved from Bangladesh to Bradford five years ago. Originally they moved from Burma to Bangladesh after escaping violence in Burma when Yeasin was a baby. The children’s father, Dil Mohammed, died 14 years ago.

The children’s mother, Mahfuza Khatun, was in a car accident that left her with spinal injuries. She did not have travel insurance, so the family has soaring bills for her medical treatment.

It is believed the flight back from Bangladesh alone cost the family more than £7,000.

With the eldest son unable to access his mother’s benefits while she was in hospital, the three teenagers were left with only his benefits to live on – £57 a week.

The mother is currently receiving treatment in Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield and it has been left up to the eldest to run the home and to see to his mum in hospital.

Thankfully after learning of the situation staff at Carlton Bolling College, where Jasmin and Ismail are pupils, made a plea to local media and started a fundraising appeal. The plea spread across social media and members of the community along with local businesses came together to support the family.

In light of this Intouch Foundation a local volunteer run charity that raises money and feeds the homeless quickly rearranged their fundraising event which was planned to raise funds for a Muslim women’s refuge to a fundraiser for the family and for other vulnerable families and individuals in Bradford.

The event is being held at the Willowfield Centre, Willofield Street, Off Legrams Lane, Bradford, BD7 2AH with tickets costing only £10.00

An official spokesperson of the charity said, “100% of the donations will go to help those that are in need in our community.

“Costs for the event itself have been accommodated within the price.

“Money raised on the night will go to help people that are in need.

“Any money that has been raised for the women’s refuge will only be used for the women’s refuge.

For any one requiring further information contact Osman on 07865994953