Ending the long wait by fans, Mission Raniganj trailer was finally released on 25 September, and it has immediately struck a chord with Akshay Kumar’s fans worldwide.

The 2 minute 15 second trailer, has garnered over a million views in just two hours of its release.

The trailer wastes no time and gets straight to the point. In the first few frames, we can see miners running for covers, and their loved ones and villagers above the ground getting enraged with the delay in action.

Enters Khiladi Kumar, who straightaway gets to the job, and makes it clear that the rescue mission has to happen, despite of others around him giving up. “We just have 48 hours to save these miners,” he declares, as he develops a technique which is to be used for the first time in India.

Parineeti Chopra, playing Akshay Kumar’s wife, makes a short yet an impactful appearance in the trailer.

The biopic brings to screen the story behind India’s biggest rescue mission led by Sardar Jaswant Singh Gill, who saved 65 miners in a coal mining accident in 1989.

The coal mining accident happened on 13 November 1989 in Raniganj, a township in West Bengal, in the Eastern part of India. On the day, around 220 miners were working inside the mine, when a wall cracked and water flooded in. Six lives were lost and those near the lift were rescued.

However, 65 miners were stuck deep inside, with water levels rising rapidly and oxygen levels, depleting. Being on an uneven platform, it was seemingly impossible to reach them.

This is when Sardar Jaswant Singh Gill, posted as the additional Chief Mining Engineer at the site, took it upon himself to save the miners. Being an alumnus of Indian School of Mines, he devised six-foot high iron capsule, which was sent down by drilling a fresh borehole. To expedite the operation, a 12-tonne crane was put into service for lowering and raising the capsule

He, using the capsule, entered the mine and went on to rescue to 65 miners. Reports suggests that it took six hours for the rescue mission, which happened on the intervening night of 15-16 November, to conclude.

Gill’s act of bravery is celebrated as Rescue Day by Coal India Limited every year on 16 November.

With the trailer raising hopes, it is yet to be seen how the movie showcases the daring rescue by Sardar Jaswant Singh Gill.

Watch the trailer here