By Ninder Kaur

Mosques across the country are coming together in remembrance of last Friday’s horrific terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait, and France which claimed the lives of  innocent men, women and children. As well as observing the national minute of silence, many mosques up and down the country will be dedicating Friday’s sermon to last week’s incident.

mosque community

Shaukat Warraich, Editor-in-Chief of Imams Online said: “ISIL has instigated these brutal murders during the holy month of Ramadan, highlighting once more that these individuals do not represent Islam.

“We will remember those who lost their lives and the families whose lives have been destroyed by these senseless acts. Imams and the Muslim community stand united in the face of this evil.

“These tragic events will only make us more determined to stand up and defeat extremism and ISIL. We will not allow these people to be left un-challenged online or offline, intellectually or theologically.”

During Friday’s sermon, Imams will join worshippers in reflecting on the tragic events last weekend and remembering the innocent victims of the attacks. Imams and the Muslim community will also take the opportunity to claim back the holy month of Ramadan that continues to be marred by ISIL and
its murderous acts.

Commenting on the initiative Qari Asim, Senior Editor, Imams Online said:

“We are remembering those who lost their lives and we stand in solidarity with everyone that has been affected by last week’s barbarism. What took place in Tunisia, Kuwait and France was unspeakable horror. As Imams, we
will challenge extremists who misinterpret, abuse and desecrate the teachings of Islam.”