By Aalia Khan

Runaway bride is taken to a whole new level when Sonam kapoor takes on the role of a con artist in Dolly Ki Doli.

Sonam aka Dolly and her gang consisting of a fake mother, father, brother, grandmother and photographer trap young, eager boys and their families into marrying Dolly. As soon as the wedding night arrives, a few spiked glasses of milk put the groom and his family into a deep sleep allowing the plundering bride and the gang to rob the family clean.

dolly ki doliDolly’s first victim is Sonu Sarawat (Raj Kumar Yadav) who falls deeply in love with Dolly and goes on a quest to find her and make her his even though she has cheated him. Next is Manoj Singh Chadda (Varun Sharma) a complete mummy’s boy who plucks up the courage and argues with his mother to get his wish and marry Dolly.

With the case of the thieving bride crew growing strong inspector Robin Singh (Pulkit Samrat) is assigned the task of catching Dolly. Robin and Dolly’s own previous relationship is brought out and the question on all the innocent grooms’ lips as to why Dolly has robbed them comes to light when it is revealed that she was also a victim of betrayal.

As is expected the gang do eventually get caught however a typical happy ending is not given to the audiences. The reunion of Dolly and Robin does take place but will he also get conned? The ending was quite realistic and funny, even though it doesn’t leave us with a warm, happy feeling inside.

sonam-kapoor_625x300_61417153968Sonam got into her character well as a con artist and was on par with Parineeti in dawat e ishq. Her own bubbly character and charm can be seen in her role despite the fact that she is a conniving thief.

Even though there wasn’t a major Bollywood male actor in the film Sonam Kapoor held her own and the three male actors also did a fantastic job as unbeknown, love struck grooms.

The comedy and acting of all the actors made Dolly Ki Doli a must watch and I would give it ****/***** so go on and find out Dolly kiski hai.