By Ninder Kaur



Known as the Jaanemaan Girl (the song that put her on the map), Kee is back with a bang with her brand new single ‘Akhiyan’.

The talented singer/songwriter has teamed up with DJ Shayal to create the Punjabi-infused hip-hop anthem, with evokes a relentless beat and stunning vocals.

I caught up with the Coventry songstress, who has worked with talented artists including Raxstar, DJ Dips and Tigerstyle, to find out more.



Tell us about the new single- Akhiyan?


I collaborated with Shayal on this track. He is a very talented guy that is influenced by a lot of American artists. We didn’t plan to have a particular track it just kind of happened. Warda Lodhi, a lady from Dubai wrote the lyrics and it was just something different that we wanted to use. My music in the past has been quite mellow so we incorporated a sick beat to deliver something more edgy. We wanted to have a rap feature on the track and that’s why we decided to use an upcoming artist called Stax- who will be on the scene soon.


Akhiyan is something completely different to anything that I have released before. This track shows variety in my music and so far the response has been positive.

I have worked with Shayal on a number of other tracks and there will be more of this kind of music coming soon.


How would you describe your sound?

Melodic, Current, Fusion and Catchy.


What inspired you to pursue music?

I have people in the family who are in the business. My cousin used to be in the band called Excellency. I am also related to the Hunterz brothers and my uncle is a musician. It was only a matter of time until I picked it up and tried it out myself. I grew up listening to Bollywood music, which has influenced my style. I started writing songs at the age of 17 but it was in 2008, when I released my first single that I realised that this was something that I wanted to do. That’s when I took music to a more professional level.


How is it being a singer in a male dominated industry?

We need to get more females out there. Women are there but for some reason it isn’t having a strong enough impact. Women have more responsibilities in the sense that we play more roles than men do. It’s harder to juggle all that and find a balance. You have to take that in consideration and being Asian as well can be difficult.

There is also a lot of pressure on how you are seen by others, looking a certain way, being a certain size, so there more pressure in that sense than what guys face.


What advice would you give to females wanting to pursue music?

From the get go make sure you master your art. Get professional vocal training. If you are serious and you want people to take you seriously then get everything done professionally. Create portfolios and get your songs recorded professionally. Although it is expensive you will learn the business. Look to the right people for advice and support.


Who’s the one to watch in the music industry?

I love Zack Knight. We were exchanging music and I ended up going through his whole Soundcloud. I was taken back by how amazing he is. I love how he switches from different genres. I would like to work with him soon. Everyone needs to know and hear about Zack. I am such a groupie.


Dream collaboration?

My dream is to be in Bollywood and doing Bollywood songs. I would love to work with director A.R Rahman because he is a musical genius. I admire his work. Bollywood has a lot of influences from European sounds and that’s where the money is. Eventually, to have a successful career would be to crossover and tour in India/Pakistan.


What’s next from Kee?

A remix is coming out soon on Akhiyan and that will be out in a few weeks. I have a couple of new tracks coming out in summer. An album is definitely coming and you can expect that by the end of the year.

‘Akhiyan’ is available to download now on iTunes and other digital platforms.

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