Muslims living in England and Wales can now complete their will online with the UK’s first Islamic will portal, all in as little as 20 minutes.

True Wills have modernised and digitised Islamic will writing. They make complex subjects simple and transparent and are here to give advice whenever you need it. True Wills is making everything to do with Islamic wills easier, quicker and affordable for Muslims across the UK.

Many Muslims don’t prioritise making a will. Upon death, they may be buried in ways against their wishes, have their wealth distributed incorrectly, have the courts decide who takes care of their children and leave behind fighting families.

You can start your Islamic will by answering five simple questions.

True Wills aims to put an end to this by stripping away the jargon and complexities involved when creating an Islamic will making it simple, affordable and accessible for everyone.

To create an Islamic will, you would usually need to consult a scholar and visit a specialist and often expensive solicitor. For decades, will writing has been slow, overpriced and complicated. Through True Wills, you can simply answer some questions in the comfort of your home and submit it for expert checking by their in-house solicitor.

There are three types of packages, the recommended online will package costs £98 which you only pay when the will is ready to be checked by the in-house solicitor. It is available to download in under 7 days and you get free unlimited support online or on the phone. There is also an option to complete the Islamic will over the phone for £148, and if you have a large estate that requires inheritance tax planning, there is an option that will advise on this for £350.

The five simple questions ask: Do you have a spouse? Do you have any children? Do you own your own home? Do you live in England or Wales? Is everything you own in the UK? After answering these questions, True Wills can calculate the share of wealth each family member inherits, secure children’s future by appointing guardians if they’re under 18 and leave money to charity, friends, and family that are entitled to inherit from you.

You can also make unlimited changes to your will throughout the year for free, a feature that comes in handy if you are moving homes or are expecting a child. After that, it’s just £20 per year to make unlimited changes. You can opt-in and out of this subscription at any time throughout your lifetime.

Feature image credit: Melinda Gimpel via Unsplash.