By Ninder Kaur

Nadiya Hussain has been crowned the winner of this year’s Great British Bake Off.

Nadiya gbbo
Nadiya wins the Great British Bake Off Competition

Nadiya, 30, from Leeds, baked a “big fat British wedding cake” adorned with jewels from her own wedding day as the showstopper in Wednesday’s final. She created a beautiful lemon drizzle cake in the final to mark the wedding cake she never had because of marrying in Bangladesh.

Nadiya managed to beat Ian Cumming, who forgot to add sugar to the dough of his spiced buns for the signature bake.

And Tamal Ray struggled when the creme patissiere for his toffee and marmalade iced buns failed to set in time.

Nadiya is a truly deserving winner and is the sixth winner in the GBBO competition.

She said: “Bizarrely, I found the final was one of the least scariest [rounds] and I really enjoyed the experience the most out of all the filming days.

“I felt at that stage that I could do really well or really badly, I had nothing to lose, so I went into the tent and gave it everything I could.

“The showstopper was a celebration cake, and as I never had my own wedding cake I wanted a proper iced wedding cake.”

The final became the most-watched TV programme of the year, with an average audience of 13.4m people, according to overnight figures.