By Ninder
As always, Nargis Fakhri was spotted looking effortlessly beautiful at the DoliDiaries event hosted by

Nargis Fakhri
               Nargis Fakhri

London fashion house Este Couture which took place yesterday evening.

Doli Diaries is an Instagram series that bring together Bollywood A list stars with influential desi fashion bloggers to discuss all things bridal – fashion, jewellery, make-up and more.

Dressed in a modern stunning striped lehenga by the young Indian designer Priyal Prakash she epitomised the modern bride.

The event also featured a rapid fire round and on getting asked whether she thought that were diamonds a girl’s best friend or would she prefer a man with a heart of gold, she cheekily replied “I would want a man with a heart of gold that can buy me the diamonds”.

Ashu Virdi from Este Couture said: “Doli Diaries is a content-driven

Nargis Fakri with Este Couture store owner Ashu Virdi
         Nargis Fakhri with Este Couture store                                    owner Ashu Virdi

Instagram series that’s was conceptualised by us at Este Couture – to get celebrities to share their secrets on all things that UK brides would love
to know. To launch this event with the quirky, outspoken gorgeous Nargis Fakhri, we couldn’t have asked for more”.