Nargis Fakhri shot to national fame overnight as the female lead in Imtiaz Ali’s musical blockbuster, “Rockstar,” opposite Ranbir Kapoor, achieving cult status over the years.

Nargis Fakhri

Despite the blockbuster success, she confessed to having minimal knowledge about Indian films before her debut. In an interview with Instant Bollywood, she admitted that her only prior knowledge of India was her love for its cuisine, particularly ras malai.

Acknowledging her unfamiliarity with Indian cinema before “Rockstar,” she shared, “The only thing I knew about India is that I loved ras malai and Indian food. That is all I could remember or relate to. There is so much more to the culture.”

Regarding staying connected with Imtiaz Ali, Ranbir Kapoor, and the rest of the team, Nargis mentioned, “I wish people ‘happy birthday’, say hello, but everyone is very busy. People have families, and I am constantly traveling worldwide. In this industry, keeping in touch as you’d like to is challenging due to everyone’s busy schedules. However, true friendships pick up seamlessly whenever you meet, and you can easily resume from where you left off.”