Imran Hussain MP for Bradford East made his maiden speech in Parliament on Wednesday 17 June.  Imran prefaced his speech by asking the House to join him in expressing sympathy with the fathers of the nine missing children from Bradford and asked the house to pray for their safe return.

Imran Hussain AS London Launch
New Bradford East MP Imran Hussain with former MP for Bradford East David Ward and celebrities Kimberley Walsh and Dynamo

Imran went on to describe Bradford and its history and achievements

Imran’s speech then focussed in particular on the crisis of school places and educational achievement in the City. Imran made a bold call calling for a Bradford Challenge to sort out schools in the district and finished by saying, “I will be working to bring a game changing intervention to Bradford to solve our education crisis. The benefits and successes of the London Challenge are clear for all to see, and my heartfelt and clear view is that Bradford’s children deserve the same chances and opportunities as young people from anywhere else.”


Imran then moved on to reaffirm his opposition to injustice not only in Bradford but across the world, including the struggle for independence for the Kashmiri people, his support for a Palestinian homeland and in particular for the plight of the Rohingya people of Burma.

Imran has put down a motion this week in Parliament calling on the British as well as regional Governments to do much more to support the Rohingyan people.  In his maiden speech Imran invited MP’s from across the House to sign the motion, declaring “We are witnessing an absolute human catastrophe and we cannot, in these circumstances, sit back and watch.  Mr Speaker, we must act in relation to the Rohingyan people, quickly and decisively.

You can watch the full speech by clicking on this link: