Whilst, the particular pandemic conditions that we are all currently living through are certainly unprecedented, its certainly not the first time that an epidemic has swept over the globe.

Today, the BBC have premiered archive footage of content produced in and around Yorkshire over the past decades. The short clips will show footage signifying significant points in Yorkshire’s history. The first of these clips was interview footage from 1957 about the Asian flu epidemic.

The clip shows a doctor being interviewed with regards to the epidemic. Whilst he says things are mainly under control, him and other interviewees throughout the three-minute clip discuss the importance of being vaccinated against the epidemic, in order to establish control over the illness.

The footage also shows many people receiving their vaccination, and whilst the Asian flu did not impact the UK in the way that COVID has, its certainly interesting to see British people experiencing a similar situation sixty years ago. We must note the prominence of the vaccine in this footage and take this opportunity to encourage everyone to take the vaccine when offered.

You can check out the clip below and make sure to keep an eye out for more upcoming archive footage about Yorkshire.